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Cling film

Cling film individual products or packaging boxes of the block package, large cargo fastening on pallets, goods are protected from dust and mechanical damage, theft and so on.

Bubble cling film

Bubble wrap has a lot of small air bubbles to protect against shocks. Waterproof, strong tear-resistant, water and dust. The sudden change in temperature. Designed to protect the surface of the fill the volume of, wrapping and protect from shock, vibration and compression.

Moving boxes

Standard boxes are designed to put personal belongings.

Cloakroom boxes

For hanging clothes hangers together with the removal wrinkled clothes.

An archive boxes

For documents, archives, transportation and storage.

Wrapping paper

Suitable for packaging various products, the separation between the individual layers of packaging products, put in boxes or loose packing volume to fill.

Packing angles

Edgeboards protects equipment from possible damage during transport, packaging and storage. In this way, cardboard corners helps prevent mindless spending that could result from the violation of the furniture. Naudajama together with bubble or “stretch” the film.

Wooden boxes

Custom manufactured in different sizes and shapes. Designed to protect the high-priced items (paintings, antiques, furniture, TV, etc..) These boxes are mostly used in international relocation, when the goods are loaded and unloaded at once.

Loose pellets

For must fill in the boxes and save extremely brittle and fragile items.

Sticky tape

Packing tape Scotch is for various packing boxes.